NVIDIA Reports Massive 206% Increase in Revenue for Q3 2024!

Nvidia has just announced its financial results for Q3 2024, the third quarter of the ongoing year. While it was already expected, the company has astounded everyone yet again and delivered record revenue for Q3 2024. A record revenue of $18.12 billion has been reported. Compared to the last year (Q3 2023), the revenue was sitting at $5.9B back then.

According to the Non-GAAP financial performance numbers, the yearly increase is a staggering 206%. Of course, the company’s data center earnings led up to this highly profitable Q3 2024. A record revenue of $14.51 billion (279% up from a year ago) was primarily responsible for this quarter. Furthermore, the company’s operating and net incomes had a record growth of 652% and 588%, respectively, which is simply staggering!

Analysts expected $16.18 billion in revenue for Q3 2024. As you can tell, the $18.12 billion Q3 2024 revenue has definitely surpassed expectations. This is despite sanctions put forward by the US government, preventing Nvidia from selling many of its high-end AI computing chips to China. More countries were added to this list, too

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