Rockstar Confirms GTA 6 Trailer Coming in “Early December”

It has been a while since we got any official update from Rockstar Games on the developments of any new GTA game. Earlier today, we got a GTA 6 leak that got fans around the globe curious. Only hours later, Rockstar Games President Sam Houser tweeted a thread confirming that the GTA 6 reveal is officially happening in December.

In an official X (formerly Twitter) thread, Houser mentions how Rockstar has been listening to the fans since 1988 and delivering delightful and entertaining games. At the end of the thread, he revealed that the official Grand Theft Auto (presumably GTA VI) trailer will drop “in early December,” which means it can be around the first two weeks. Now that’s a Christman gift that I’m hyped for.

In the same thread, Rockstar Games mentions it will be a new Grand Theft Auto game. So yes, our dreams for GTA 6 will come to life very soon. Moreover, next month will only see Rockstar reveal a trailer, presumably including the official logo and name of the game. We don’t expect in-depth gameplay details and a release date just yet.

Grand Theft Auto or GTA has been a revolutionary part of any gamer’s library. It is no doubt one of the pioneers of open-world games. As GTA V completes almost 10 years, it is about time we see the new game coming pretty soon.

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